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What would you do if someone forgot your birthday?



                             Feel sorry for yourself!

                                        All of the above!

That is exactly what happened to Roxanne Jennings. Instead of doing any of the above, however, she wondered what other people felt like when their special day went by without notice. People who had no family, or people who had nobody to remember their birthday. And especially children. That is what lead Roxanne to start the "You Are Special!" foundation.  

The "You Are Special!" foundation is dedicated to making all people feel special, young or old. The primary activity of the group is baking and delivering birthday cakes to children and adults whose birthdays might otherwise not be remembered or celebrated. Along with the cake, an instant photograph of the recipient is taken and placed in an acrylic frame decorated to commemorate the special day.

Roxanne's initial efforts were directed at finding children in her local area who could benefit from her efforts. She soon realized, however, that she could greatly multiply the joy she was spreading by finding people like herself to start their own cake baking groups (frequently called Chapters).

Through various promotions and publicity activities, Roxanne has helped over 70 people start with their own "You Are Special!" Groups. These Groups serve 97 different facilities in 23 states with thousands of birthdays celebrated each year.

This Web Site was developed to share information about the various cake baking groups around the country and to provide ideas to help new groups get started.


P.S. The "You Are Special!" web site is continuously being developed and updated.
Please check back often to see the most current updates and developments...

Thanks, Roxanne

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