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Sample "You Are Special!" bookmarkers for a birthday recipient, gift donor or cake baker.  

You can prepare something like this as a Microsoft Excel file with 6 copies to a page, print them out with borders around each one, cut, laminate, punch hole in top, add ribbon, etc.

I will be converting the
"You Are Special!" bookmarkers below to an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document (*.pdf) File Format in the near future to make it easier for you to download and print them.


  Tamea Bartels Agle        Tamea Bartels Agle            Tamea Barels Agle

   You Are Special!             You Are Special!                You are Special!

     Foundation                    Foundation                      Foundation


     Child of God                    Angel Aglow                      Angel Aglow 

  so eager and sweet           so eager and sweet          so eager and sweet, 

 You patiently wait           You sent in your gift,         You come with a smile, 

for your birthday treat.       for a birthday treat.           and a birthday treat.

Age makes no difference   Age makes no difference     Age makes no difference,

  in your happy face,           in each happy face,           in each happy face,

 For you are so special,       For we are all special,       For we are all special,

 in God's loving grace.        in God's loving grace.          in God's loving grace.


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